How to Buy Lava Token Using Trust Wallet or Metamask

PancakeSwap Instructions Using Trust Wallet:

  1. Download the app, Trust Wallet
  2. Purchase BNB or BSC
  3. Go to the DApps tab at the bottom, and find PancakeSwap. iPhone users may need to enable the trust browser, then use the browser tab. You can also click the BUY NOW button on our website if you’re not on mobile.
  4. Click “Select a currency” and enter this contract address into the search field, and you should be able to find Lava Token using the Token address 0xfaff5251ea98f90540d6bacdf7a458f61b456c06
  5. Before swapping, click on the cogwheel and set the slippage to between 11–12%
  6. Now, set the amount you want to purchase and press the swap button.
  7. Confirm the transaction and… HODL.

PancakeSwap Instructions Using Metamask:

  1. Download the Metamask and make sure you are on Binance Smart Chain.
  2. Now head over to Pancakeswap using THIS link and select “I Understand” and click on Continue.
  3. Now swap your BNB to Lava Tokens.
  4. And HODL
  1. Head over to Pancakeswap and head over to Trade section on the left menu and select Exchange.
  2. Now click on “Select Currency” and add this Token Address “0xfaff5251ea98f90540d6bacdf7a458f61b456c06” to add Lava Token to Pancakeswap.
  3. Now swap your BNB to buy Lava Tokens.
  4. And… HODL.